AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Entitlement,Performance,Special Points Calculation Software 2017

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AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Points Calculation Software as Per GO.32 Dated:04-06-2017

AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Entitlement Points Calculate Software,How to Calculate Service Points,Individual Performance Points as per GO 32 AP Teachers/Head Masters Transfers 2017-Rules,Union Points,UN-Married Female Teacher Points spouse Points,NCC Or Scout Guides Points, Willing To Work In Tribal Schools Or Category IV, Registered in AP Subject Forum- APEKX,Whether Eligible For Rationalization Points?, Increase In Enrollment By 10% During Last 2 Years (School is criteria),Transition Points (For HMs & Teachers),CCE Marks (School For HM & Class For Teacher) B2 Grades, School Pass % (For HM Only),Mdm Online Indent (For HM Only), MDM Daily Report (For HM Only), Awards Received, CCE Marks (For Teachers Only) B2 Grades, SSC Subject Pass% (For Teachers Only),Participation In Sports & Games For 2 Years (PET & HM).


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